This is OCamlplot, an interface that makes the libplot library accessible to the OCaml language.
This project is hosted on sourceforge : http://sourceforge.net/projects/ocamlplot/

The libplot library

Libplot is a part of the GNU plotutils package. It's "a powerful C/C++ function library for exporting 2-D vector graphics in many file formats, both vector and raster". The API is devide-independent and the library knows about PostScript, PNG, SVG, X, etc.


From the sourceforge download page.
I made a RPM for plotutils : plotutils-2.4.1-7.src.rpm (3.2 Mo).


The interface sticks closely to libplot's API, so the main reference is the libplot manual and the interface file plot.mli. Here is the ocamldoc-generated documentation.


GNU LGPL. The file io.h is taken from the OCaml compiler source tree (the GPL'ed part of the tree).


Some related projects :


This a wrapper for the zlib and bzip2 libraries. It allows transparent reading and writing of compressed files from OCaml. (This is just a quick wrapper I wrote to learn how to interface C libraries with OCaml).
It can be downloaded from sourceforge or here gz-0.5.7.tar.gz and here is some documentation.

Data Structures

Discrete Interval Encoding Tree (diet)
This data structure implements sets of integers in a simple and efficient way.
Reference: http://www.cs.orst.edu/~erwig/diet/.
Skip lists
A skip list is a probabilistic list-based data structure that is a simple and efficient subsitute for balanced trees. Skip lists can implement a dictionary abstract data type. The data structure is not persistent, though.
Reference: A Skip List Cookbook.

Miscellaneous stuff

AUTHOR : Olivier Andrieu <oliv__a@users.sourceforge.net>

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